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  1. How to tidy up your autumn garden - and still respect the creepy crawlies
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  3. Abu Dhabi Steakhouse | Butcher & Still at Four Seasons Abu Dhabi
  4. “We had a horrific experience selling a flat i......”

Keeping those time frames clear and distinct is essential in sound formal style. If the author is speaking about antiquity, this is a clear error of verb tense Section 14 because we the readers are not living in ancient Mesopotamia and cannot experience what the Babylonians, for instance, did. But in a modern context, the statement is valid because the amount of rainfall is still a factor in life today in that part of the world.

How to tidy up your autumn garden - and still respect the creepy crawlies

The writer is pointing to a fact that was and still is a truth. When that is the case, what's the best way to describe the situation in formal writing? The correctness of this statement depends of the context in which it is made. It is a fact that, as Herodotus says, "Egypt is the gift of the Nile," but whether that should be stated in the present or past tense depends on which time frame the author is referring to: the past or the present.

If the focus is on ancient life, the sentence should make that explicitly clear:. Staff were excellent and extremely knowledgeable on the menu and were able to answer all our culinary questions! Great food, perfect setting and exceptional standards of staff - worth every Dirham!

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Decent good steakhouse. Posh decorations in a high end hotel. Situated next to the waterfront. Very nice views. Food wise its reasonably good. With very good portion. Nothing much to fault. Service wise, we felt that they lack the personal touch. We were there for birthday and anniversary celebrations but we didn't see or hear any well wishes or any celebratory desserts. Most high end places we went do will have something special arranged for us. Ignored for half an hour after being seated, so we left without eating.

For a restaurant that commands such high prices one would imagine the service to be impeccable? Sadly they fell far short of our expectations.

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The first time i visited the resturant the food was amazing. My last visit on thursday wasnt that great. The service was not as expected, and the food was average and my steak wasnt how I ordered it. The chocokate cake was very dry, i was very disappointed after i raved about it to my friends. Overall, my second visit was not how i expected to be. Great food but pricing is still extortionate. Far too expensive for what you get. Salt and far more than needed Not good value. Simply one of the best steak restaurant in Abudhabi.

This resturant is worth a try , the chef is an amazing person who really understands the science behind butchery and beef cuts. The food was high quality and delicious.

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It was quite expensive but for a special occasion worth it. Great service and great food but extremely expensive - however, when I booked for a special birthday, I was not told that the 2 4 1 drinks offer was suspended! This was acknowledged by management but could not be rectified.

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Come on guys, this is not difficult and makes for a bitter experience. I use you restaurant regularly - I will think twice in future!!!!! Extremely expensive. Very good steak, but it costs twenty times more than if you buy a good stake from the butcher and cook it yourself. If Heineken did burgers Quiet simply the best burgers ever! We arrived just in time for Happy Hour and fell in love with the well made hand crafted cocktails. The smoked Manhattan was excellent.

The ambiance is lovely with an authentic speakeasy vibe, all the way down to the vintage music playing inside. Glass doors slide out of the way to open the bar up to the beautiful waterside terrace and the view back to Abu Dhabi. Our steaks, sides, and fresh raw oysters from France were all exceptional. Thanks to chef Marshall Roth for an extraordinary evening and a fantastic dinner.

I was craving a good, flavorful steak and what we received was masterfully prepared. The food was great, very tasty steaks. I just wish they have made more of a scene when they bought the birthday cake. Like for example, gathering 3 staff and singing "Happy Birthday" not just bringing in the cake and saying HBD in a low tone. The restaurant was empty so there was no atmosphere. Our food came out very quickly so not much of a break from the starter to the main meal. Due to this we had finished within an hour. The price of the food was extortionate for what we got. Then on top all the taxes you have to pay.

We would not return just for this reason. Excellent food, very attentive service by our waiter Max, who catered to our every need. Cannot fault this place. Was great place and nice atmosphere as well great food.

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  4. Everything good! Specially the quality of meal!

    Abu Dhabi Steakhouse | Butcher & Still at Four Seasons Abu Dhabi

    The service is very gentle and professional. Not a classic steak house more of a high end pub. Service was good to overwhelming. Wine list is very overpriced. The food, atmosphere, service and wine was amazing. Michelin star quality and would most defiantly go back on our next visit to Abi Dhabi. It's arguably the best place to eat period. We're back in the UK now, but will searching for their presence in the UK.

    Simple brilliant. Made our anniversary weekend. Good dinner - we split the tomahawk steak delicious - along with cherry pie for desert - memorable meal looking at the abu dahbi skyline. Always good to be back.

    “We had a horrific experience selling a flat i......”

    We have been to Butcher and Still a number of times. Staff is exceptional.

    Chef Marshall knows how to run a kitchen.